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The CMECP® Program is not for everyone...but it should be. The program is designed to test your Time Management Skills (TMS), validate your electrical code-related knowledge as an advanced supplement to your established hands-on knowledge, and ultimately elevate your marketable status in the electrical trade along the journey. Some will succeed and many will fail.



The certification program will increase your electrical code knowledge and ability to propel your career to be the most admired in your professional trade.


Improve your electrical skills through certification and help yourself stand out among the crowd.


Your acquired electrical code knowledge will enhance your company image, while individually maximizing both revenue and profits by providing the electrical industry with true and verified electrical code professionals.


Add up all the pieces and the CMECP® Program will help you achieve greater customer satisfaction, and help you rise above the competition, all while growing your business at the same time.



To develop a nationwide network of Certified Master Electrical Code Professionals dedicated to elevating the electrical profession by focusing on an enhanced understanding of the National Electrical Code.


To select top-tier Master Electricians or Equivalent and channel partners and provide them a competitive advantage with access to advanced technical training on the National Electrical Code, customizable marketing materials, customizable business tools, and an association with the strength and breadth of Electrical Code Academy, Inc. and the CMECP.ORG Family.


The CMECP® program has one goal, to increase the exposure and experience of those who love the Electrical Code and enhanced knowledge to rise above established mediocracy.

Addionally, the program also strives to assist in the growth, both professionally and financially, of CMECP® Professionals while building consumer loyalty and superior awareness for Master Electricians who take the effort to separate themselves from the pack as leaders in the electrical code professional arena.

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