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CMECP® Application Process

Certified Master Electrical Code Professional® (CMECP®)

Program Scope – The Electrical Code Academy, Inc. Certified Master Electrical Code Professional® (CMECP®) program is a voluntary participation program designed to meet the needs of electrical code-related professionals by raising the industry standards of technical electrical code knowledge for those involved in electrical code-related programs, such as electrical inspections, master electricians, electrical engineers and others who manage journeyman electricians and other electrical code professionals exposed to electrical installations. The designation makes no guarantee of acceptance other than to show verifiable proof of your dedication and efforts to become highly skilled at using, interpreting, implementing, and explaining the National Electrical Code®. The CMECP® designation consists of a set of (1) online educational courses and passing all quizzes and section tests with an 80% or higher, taking the online continuing education course, and successfully passing our remote proctored exam with an 80% grade on a 100 question exam,  and finally, you will be required to submit a 1000 word essay within 30 days with a lesson on any article or section within the 2020 National Electrical Code for review by the CMECP® Review Board. Remember, you must be licensed as a Master Electrician or Equivalent.  Re-certification must be completed within a two (2) year time period following initial certification via our state-specific online CMECP® NEC® Code Update Course.

Program Application & Duration – If you are interested in our program, you can start the process by clicking HERE. You have SIX (6) months after you are accepted as a CMECP® applicant to take the required online courses and pass the exam. The SIX  (6) month starts on the day your CMECP® program application is accepted by Electrical Code Academy, Inc the CMECP® Certification Board.



Student ID - Each student will receive a unique and assigned one at the time your first online course is purchased.

Program Application Fees - $150 USD for the program application fee, and $150 USD to re-certify at the end of your two (2) year certification period. The required courses and specialized videos on the NEC® are not included in the program application fee.

Payment – Payment of $150.00 USD must be received at the time of CMECP® application prior to taking any online courses. Electrical Code Academy, Inc. accepts PayPal, Credit Cards, and checks (please ensure all checks are payable to Electrical Code Academy, Inc. and are sent to the mailing address listed below). The $150.00 USD is the only amount paid directly to Electrical Code Academy, Inc., all other fees are charged via credit card during each individual course registration process.

CMECP® Program

3913 Edward Drive

McKinney, TX 75071
Attn: CMECP® Program

  Step 1 - Fill out the CMECP® Application Form at the bottom of this page and pay the $150.00 Application Fee

  Step 2 - Purchase the required NEC® Course referenced below. When the course is complete and all exams and quizzes passed with a grade of     80% or higher (3 attempts per quiz or exam), you will be given permission to move to the next step in the CMECP® process.

  Step 3 - Pass our Remote Proctored NEC® Code based 100 questions (fill in the blank) exam with a passing score of 80% or higher.

  Step 4 - Once Steps 1, 2, and 3 are completed you will need to submit a minimum 1000-word essay on any portion, including articles or sections from the 2020 National Electrical Code. This essay will be reviewed by the CMECP® Review Board and voted on by the 5-member panel. You only need to achieve a PASS result from 3 of the 5 board members to complete the process and achieve your CMECP® Designation.


Online Course Requirements  (not included in the Program Fee)

  • National Electrical Code Course - $250.00 USD - (Course Instructions for purchase will follow Step 1 Registration)


Exam – The exam is a remotely proctored open-book, 100 questions (fill in the blank) exam. The exam will be taken online using our FREE web conferencing software. You will be required to have a web camera for the exam phase and the final one-on-one interview stage of the application process.

Exam Results – You will receive your exam results within 24-48 hours of exam completion and submission. The passing score is 80%.

Retesting – If you fail your first attempt at the proctored exam, you are permitted to retest two (2) additional times for a $25.00 Proctor Fee per attempt.  If you fail the exam after three (3) attempts you will be required to re-purchase all required online courses again and restart the CMECP® Program. 


Estimated Cost of Initial Certification: Actual Total Cost is $400.00 (Includes application fee,  (1) NEC Course, and (1) Exam)

Estimated Cost of Renewal: Approximately $150.00 every 24 months


Upon Completion - The CMECP® Professional will receive a certificate of completion and the right to use the designation CMECP® after their name to signify their advanced knowledge and understanding of the National Electrical Code®.


Re-Certification – Once the candidate successfully obtains the status of Certified Master Electrical Code Professional® (CMECP®), the CMECP® must re-certify every two (2) years.  Proof of successfully purchasing and completing the Online Continuing Education Course for your specific state is required to be completed at least 30 days prior to the current certification expiration date along with the submittal of the candidate CMECP® Certification Renewal Fee - $ 150.00 USD. 


NOTICE- The "CMECP®" designation is VOLUNTARY and in no way implies a guarantee of broad industry acceptance. However, the purpose of the "Designation" is to show verifiable and proven evidence that an individual has passed and studied to achieve a higher level of education, all documented by Electrical Code Academy, Inc. to clearly express the successful applicant's true proficiency of understanding and utilizing the National Electrical Code®. It should be interesting to note that there are many designations in the Electrical Industry that provide certification that is of voluntary acceptance, we choose to provide a designation to show the industry of the successful candidate's proficiency by awarding our CMECP® designation at the successful completion of our program. CMECP® recipients are not employed or affiliated with Electrical Code Academy, Inc or its owners. The use of the CMECP® designation, logo, and benefits is not an expression of employment or affiliation. By signing up for the CMECP® program you acknowledge these facts.


Step 1 -  Submit your $150.00 Application Fee* via the BUY NOW Button. We use PayPal for your e-security and fraud protection.

Step 2 -  Submit the following information via the form below. DO NOT SUBMIT until Step 1 is completed.


CMECP® Application

PayPal ButtonPayPal Button

* Some states do not offer Master Electrician Credentials. If your state/jurisdiction offers an Equivalent status to Master Electrician, please provide verification and documentation of your specific state licensing status.

Please allow up to 7-14 Days for license and background verification. Once verified our office will contact you regarding the next step in the application process, which is the purchase of the 6-month CMECP® Program.


NOTICE: Once your application is submitted the Application Fee is non-refundable. There is no guarantee that every student will achieve the status of "CMECP®" unless all courses are passed and all phases of the certification process are 100% completed.

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