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Chess Game


Think of the electrical industry as a Chess Game of sorts. Every electrician starts the same, as pawns, which we refer to as apprentices in our analogy, and moves strategically across the chess board, our analogy for a career, to constantly improve your position on the board in an effort to eventually elevate your status from pawn to King.


The same strategy and knowledge evolution of your advanced electrical physical skills, such as going from novice chess player to chess master, are in play. You start our your career learning hands-on about the electrical trade to eventually progress forward and eventually pass the state-specific electrical entrance exam of a Master Electrician.

Once you have "arrived" you have to ask yourself, what sets me apart from everyone else who achieved this same status? The Master Electrician must do something to stand out from the crowd and the CMECP® Program is designed to raise the bar to the next level of electrical code professionals.

  • Increases your earning potential by standing out in a crowd

  • Elevates your professionalism with ongoing education

  • Provides peace of mind to consumers

  • Keeps you up-to-date with electrical codes and industry trends

  • Helps you understand industry-preferred installation practices

  • Gives you a prominent status over other non-CMECP® master electricians who are your competition

  • Allows you to stand out among other applicants when seeking employment because of our rigorous candidate process.

  • Virtual Proctored Exams - No need to leave your house

  • Access to CMECP® Perks Program - Saving you potentially thousands of dollars on things you already buy every day.

  • Hertz  CMECP® Discounts Program 

  • CMECP® Exclusive Lapel Pin 

  • 100% exclusive use of the CMECP® validation seal

  • Access to 100's FREE online educational courses



Every successful association has the backing of industry-leading education. The CMECP® Program is no different. In strategic partnership with Electrical Code Academy, Inc., a Texas Corporation, the CMECP® program is poised to take the average electrician and make them industry leaders and better overall Electrical Code Professionals.

Electrical Code Academy, Inc. has invested substantial monetary injection into the growth and expansion of the CMECP® Program. With the financial burdens lifted from the CMECP® platform, the cost of membership and inevitable growth is assured.

The CMECP® Program will always be forward-thinking in efforts to expand partnerships with like-minded corporations. All with an effort to aid in the inevitable growth of highly trained electrical professionals and the ideals that come along with that golden mentality of perfection.

In a Meeting


A quick "GOOGLE" search of electrical contractors in your geographic location should tell you that based on searches, all electricians are created equal. This is exactly how your builders, developers, and ultimately customers see you and your services. Why don't you stand out? Why should builders, developers, and customers desire to pay you more than the next guy/gal who may have the same generic, gateway prerequisite class of electrical licensure?

How do you tell consumers you are NOT the same as other electricians?


Fact is, the CMECP® Program can be that LEG-UP to marketing yourself as a Certified Master Electrical Code Professional® and industry leader in the electrical trade. CMECP® members must successfully complete a rigorous online course within 6-months and successfully passed an e-proctored exam and peer review in order to wear the trademarked label of CMECP®.

Marketing your success as a CMECP® shows consumers that you are much more than just an average Master Electrician. It tells everyone you have taken your knowledge to the next level.

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